Antonio Conte, the manager of Tottenham Hotspur, has been vocal about the struggles his team has faced in the recent past. The Italian coach has pointed fingers at the fans, blaming them for their lack of patience, which has contributed to the team’s lack of confidence and form.

Conte, who took over from Jose Mourinho earlier this year, has had a mixed start to his managerial tenure at the North London club. Tottenham started the season on a high, winning their first three games, but their form has since dipped, with just two wins in their last 11 matches in all competitions.

Speaking after Tottenham’s 2-1 defeat to Mura in the Europa Conference League, Conte expressed his disappointment with the fans, stating that their lack of patience, and the pressure they put on the team, was impacting the player’s ability to perform on the field.

“I understand that the fans want to see results, and they expect us to win every game, but we need their support and patience,” said Conte. “It’s not easy to build a new team and a new system. We need time, and we need the fans to be understanding.”

Conte’s comments about the fans’ lack of patience come as no surprise, given that Tottenham fans are known to be demanding and expectant. The North London club has not won a major trophy since 2008, and fans are eager for that drought to come to an end.

However, according to Conte, that eagerness is causing problems for the team. “The players can feel the pressure from the fans, and they can’t perform at their best when they’re playing under pressure,” he said. “The fans need to understand that we’re building something here, and it takes time.”

Despite the struggles, Conte remains optimistic about Tottenham’s future. He believes that the team has the potential to be successful, but it will take time to get there. “We have a talented group of players, and we’re working hard every day to improve,” said Conte. “We need the fans to be patient and supportive, and we’ll get there eventually.”

Conte’s focus on building a new team is evident in the transfer market, where he has been active in signing new talent. The Italian coach secured the services of defender Cristian Romero, midfielder Bryan Gil, and goalkeeper Pierluigi Gollini in the summer transfer window, and he’s likely to make more signings in the future.

Conte’s approach to building a team from scratch is what helped him win three Serie A titles with Juventus and a Premier League title with Chelsea. The Italian manager’s ability to instill a winning mentality in his players and build a team that can compete at the highest level is one of the reasons he was brought in to replace Mourinho.

However, the task of building a new team is never easy, and it requires time, patience, and support from the fans. Conte’s comments about the fans’ lack of patience may be viewed as a criticism, but they are also a plea for cooperation and understanding.

In conclusion, Antonio Conte’s blame on the Tottenham Hotspur fanbase’s lack of patience is not unfounded, as the coach notes that building a successful team takes time and patience. While the North London side has made strides since his appointment, more investment and patience may be required to be a top side. Tottenham supporters have a reputation for being demanding, but it’s time to get behind the team and support them to ultimately achieve the desired success.