The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has been rattled by a series of lectures given by Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, which have effectively knocked the wind out of their sails. In the latest development, senior Congress leaders Shashi Tharoor and Tarun Gogoi have come out in defence of Rahul Gandhi, praising him for his efforts to expose the BJP and its flawed policies.

Tharoor, who is known for his sharp wit and eloquence, recently gave a lecture in which he criticized the BJP for its divisive tactics and its failure to uphold the values enshrined in the Indian Constitution. He accused the BJP of trying to create a “Hindu Rashtra” (Hindu nation) by promoting a narrow and exclusionary vision of India.

Tharoor’s speech went viral on social media, with many Indians sharing it and hailing him as a hero for speaking truth to power. In his speech, Tharoor also defended Rahul Gandhi, saying that the Congress leader was being unfairly attacked by the BJP for his comments on the Chinese incursion into Indian territory.

Gogoi, the former Chief Minister of Assam, also spoke out in support of Rahul Gandhi, saying that the BJP was using the Chinese incursion as a distraction from its failures on other fronts, such as the economy and social welfare.

Gogoi accused the BJP of trying to create a “one-party state” in India, and said that Rahul Gandhi was right to criticize the government’s handling of the China issue. Gogoi also accused the BJP of using the armed forces for political gain, saying that the party had no real respect for the men and women in uniform.

The BJP has responded to these criticisms by attacking Tharoor and Gogoi, accusing them of being “anti-national” and “anti-Hindu”. The party has also accused Rahul Gandhi of being a “Chinese agent” and a “Pakistani sympathizer”, in an attempt to discredit him in the eyes of the Indian public.

However, these attacks have only made Rahul Gandhi more popular, with many Indians commending him for his courage in speaking out against the BJP’s divisive and dangerous agenda.

The BJP’s attempts to silence its critics by labeling them as “anti-national” or “anti-Hindu” have become a common tactic in recent years, as the party seeks to consolidate its grip on power and drive out any dissenting voices.

This strategy has largely been successful in the past, as many Indians have been swayed by the BJP’s nationalist rhetoric and its promises of economic growth and development. However, the recent wave of criticism directed at the government has shown that the BJP’s tactics are beginning to lose their effectiveness.

As Indians become more aware of the government’s failures and its attempts to stifle dissent, they are increasingly turning to leaders like Rahul Gandhi and other opposition figures who are willing to speak out against the BJP and its dangerous agenda.

Tharoor and Gogoi’s defense of Rahul Gandhi is just the latest example of this growing trend, as more and more Indians begin to recognize the need for strong and vocal opposition to the BJP’s autocratic rule.

In the coming months and years, it is likely that we will see more and more voices joining this chorus, as Indians come together to demand a government that is truly representative of their needs and aspirations.

Whether or not the BJP will be able to withstand this pressure remains to be seen, but one thing is clear – the days of unquestioned government power in India are coming to an end, and the country is poised for a new era of democratic renewal and civic engagement.