Blue Peter, the world’s longest-running children’s television programme, has just announced a new presenter, and she’s certainly one to watch. Introducing Abby Cook, an impressive Paralympic athlete and wheelchair racer who will now join the show as a new presenter.

The CBBC show, which has been running since 1958, has become an iconic programme embedded in British cultural history. It has become a staple of many childhood memories and has inspired the dreams of many young people across generations.

The show, which is well known for its trademark Blue Peter badge, has always aimed to inspire its young audience with exciting and educational features such as science experiments, nature explorations, and craft challenges. It strives to inspire children to try new things, to be creative, and to believe in themselves.

Blue Peter has always been an inclusive programme, and proudly so. It has featured presenters with disabilities over the years, such as Liz Slater, who was born with cerebral palsy, and Ade Adepitan, a wheelchair basketball player.

Now, this tradition continues with Abby Cook, the newest presenter who is set to bring inspiration, empathy, and inclusivity to the show. Abby is a 22-year-old rising star in wheelchair racing and has already achieved some incredible accomplishments.

Abby was born with spina bifida and started wheelchair racing at the age of 10 after seeing Paralympic sprinter Hannah Cockroft on television. From that moment on, Abby fell in love with the sport and began training. She excelled very quickly and began competing first regionally, then nationally, and finally internationally.

Abby’s impressive athleticism shows that no disabilities should hold anyone back from pursuing their dreams, and this is a message that she hopes to communicate to young viewers on Blue Peter.

Speaking about her new role on Blue Peter, Abby says: “It’s such an honour to be named as a Blue Peter presenter… When I was younger, I remember watching the show and getting my own badges. I never thought I would be here, but I can’t wait to get stuck in and inspire children watching at home.”

Alongside presenter Lindsey Russell, Abby’s new role on the show will be to inspire, inform, and entertain young viewers through various challenges and explorations. Some of the things she has already tackled include a backflipping tutorial from the British athletes Max Whitlock and Nile Wilson and learning how to train police search dogs.

Abby’s specialist area on the show will be disability sports and how young people with disabilities can get involved in sport, showcasing the stories of inspiring young people and their challenges and accomplishments. She will also participate in other challenges, such as food challenges, art competitions, and science experiments.

Abby’s appointment to Blue Peter represents a significant push for inclusivity and disability representation in the media. This is vital for young people living with disabilities who often feel under-represented in mainstream media.

Alongside Abby, other high profile disabled individuals are paving the way for greater inclusion and misconceptions about disability are slowly being unravelled. For example, Paralympian Hannah Cockroft recently appeared as a judge on the Great British Bake Off challenging societal principles that stereotype disability to just one form of content.

Abby is an incredible role model, particularly for young people living with disabilities. She has shown that hard work, determination and perseverance can make incredible things happen, in her case success in competitive wheelchair racing.

What Abby represents is a positive step towards more children seeing disabled people portrayed in the media and seeing the potential contribution that those with disabilities can make in society. Her appointment to Blue Peter is a standout moment of recognition for disabled people and will make a major difference in helping us move towards a more inclusive society.

In conclusion, the appointment of Abby Cook as a new presenter on Blue Peter is a fantastic move for the show and society. Abby’s inclusion on the show will pave the way for greater diversity and acceptance of people with disabilities, and she will undoubtedly inspire many young people along the way. Blue Peter continues to grow, evolve and inspire through its presenters and Abby is the latest example of this. This move is the latest example of the visionary leadership of CBBC for recognizing the potential of people irrespective of their abilities. Kudos!