Brendan Rodgers is currently in his fourth year as the manager of Leicester City Football Club, but he is still looking for the “new manager effect” that typically comes with a change in leadership. The Northern Irishman joined the Foxes in February 2019, and has since led the team to a solid fourth-place finish in the Premier League in the 2019-2020 season, just behind Manchester United.

However, the 2020-2021 season was a bit of a rollercoaster for the team, opening with a slow start and several frustrating losses, but eventually finding their footing to finish in fifth place. The Foxes also made it to the FA Cup final, only to fall to Chelsea in the end.

Rodgers is hoping to build on these successes and lead his team to even greater heights this coming season. However, he knows that sometimes a change in leadership can have a positive impact on the team, and is looking for ways to bring in that “new manager effect.”

One of the ways Rodgers is approaching this is by making some strategic changes to the team, such as bringing in new players and giving current players more prominent roles. He has already signed several players during the summer transfer window, including striker Patson Daka from RB Salzburg, midfielder Boubakary Soumaré from Lille, and goalkeeper Ryan Bertrand on a free transfer from Southampton.

Rodgers is also hoping to get more out of some of his current players, such as winger Harvey Barnes and striker Kelechi Iheanacho. Barnes had a strong start to last season before suffering a season-ending injury, while Iheanacho struggled to find his form early on, but eventually became a key player in the team’s late-season resurgence.

Rodgers is also looking to instill a stronger and more consistent team mentality, saying in a recent interview that “we need to have more players that can bring a consistency to our game, so that we can be more competitive.” He also stressed the importance of players being able to adapt quickly to different situations, both on and off the pitch.

Another way Rodgers is hoping to bring about the “new manager effect” is by focusing on the team’s style of play. He wants the Foxes to become more aggressive in their attacking play, while also being solid defensively. This is something he has been working on since he first joined the club, but he hopes to see more consistency in this area this coming season.

Rodgers has also been busy working on his own development as a manager, seeking out advice and guidance from other coaches and leaders in the game. He recently spent some time working with the leadership team at Leicester Tigers Rugby Club, learning about their coaching strategies and approaches to building a successful team.

The Northern Irishman has also been looking for ways to improve his own communication with the team, both on and off the pitch. He has been more hands-on with the players during training, and has been spending more time building personal relationships with players, coaches, and other staff members.

When asked about his goals for the upcoming season, Rodgers said he wants his team to “play with intensity, determination, and creativity.” He also wants them to be “consistent in our approach and our mindset, and to be a team that is difficult to beat.” He knows that it won’t be easy, given the competitiveness of the Premier League, but he believes that with the right attitude and approach, anything is possible.

Overall, Brendan Rodgers is seeking the “new manager effect” by making strategic changes to the team, focusing on the team’s style of play and mentality, improving his own communication with the team, and continuing to grow and develop as a manager. He knows that it won’t happen overnight, but he is confident that with a strong work ethic and a positive mindset, his team can achieve great things this season and beyond.