The Colorado Republican Party has a new leader, and he is determined to steer the party in a new direction. Following his election as the new chair of the Colorado GOP, Kristi Burton Brown has made her intentions clear, “We’re not here to yell and scream, we’re here to lead and offer solutions.”

Kristi Burton Brown brings a wealth of experience to the role. The attorney and mother of two has been a long-standing activist for the Republican party, having served as a member of the Republican National Committee since 2016. Burton Brown won the election with around 70% of the votes. Her steady, rational approach to politics appears to have struck a chord with voters.

“It was my ideas, my message and my work ethic that won this election,” Burton Brown told the crowd at the party’s headquarters in Greenwood Village, Colorado. “And it wasn’t just me. It was a team effort.”

Her ascension to the role of chairwoman comes at a critical time for the Colorado GOP. Republicans in the state have lost ground in recent years, seeing their once-strongholds slip away at the hands of changing demographics and shifting political ideologies. However, Burton Brown believes that it is possible to revive the party’s fortunes, focusing on issues that resonate with Colorado voters.

Burton Brown’s politics are based on the principles of the Republican Party, including limited government, individual liberty, and fiscal responsibility. But what sets her apart from previous party leaders is her insistence that Republicans should not resort to belligerence and far-right rhetoric to win elections.

“I’m conservative, but I’m not interested in bombast,” she said. “I’m interested in results.”

Her leadership comes with a promise to put policy front and center, focusing on infrastructure, jobs, and school-choice issues, rather than on personality and name-calling. The message resonated with the Republican delegates who voted her into the position, exiting the party from its past of taking extreme right-wing positions.

Burton Brown has already identified issues that she believes are most critical for the party to address, including the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on state businesses and jobs. She has come up with an action plan to help boost the party’s support among constituents by working on issues that are important for them, such as the economy, education reform, public safety, and healthcare.

Moreover, one of her main focuses is to add more women and minorities to leadership positions. She aims to make the Colorado GOP more inclusive and representative of the diverse communities it serves. “The party hasn’t always done a good enough job at that,” she said.

Burton Brown has vowed to build a broad coalition in both rural and urban areas of Colorado to make sure the party stays competitive. She recognizes that Colorado is changing, and states she is willing to recognize the state’s varied cultures, even if her positions remain conservative.

The new chairwoman of Colorado GOP campaigns for listening and constructive discussion, with an eye on converting centrist independents and moderate Democrats. Kristi Burton Brown is hoping to set a new trend by aiming to appeal to a wider audience, including those inspired by moderate conservatives like John Kasich and Mitt Romney.

However, Burton Brown is also taking a hard line against former President Donald Trump’s supporters who she worries have gone too far right. She states,

“Donald Trump will always be a part of the party, but he should not define the party. We must embrace a broader base of supporters and voters.”

This rejection of Trumpism as the core of the GOP is a significant departure from the historic message of the party. In fact, several of Burton Brown’s most high-profile supporters are vocal Trump critics.

In conclusion, I think selecting Kristi Burton Brown as the new leader of Colorado GOP is a positive step in the right direction. Her call for collaboration does not mean capitulation; rather it means that she is committed to finding common ground while still fighting for her conservative ideals. While the battle for the future of the party continues to be waged between the Trump wings and the dissenters, the selection of Kristi Burton Brown suggests that the Republicans are in for a new and important debate. Her insistence on civility and inclusivity puts Kristi Burton Brown in a unique position to lead the Colorado GOP forward, beyond its traditional confines, into a more nationally winning territory, and brings hope for a better future of a strong Republican Party in Colorado.