Daisy Jones & The Six has been winning hearts since its release on Amazon Prime. It is a musical drama that has it all – love, passion, heartbreak, and of course, loads of 70s rock n’ roll. However, what has got viewers emotional and ecstatic are the brilliant Elvis Easter eggs scattered throughout the show.

For those who are not aware, “Easter eggs” are hidden references or messages tucked away in a movie or TV show for eagle-eyed fans to spot. They are like little surprises, hidden away by the creators of the show, waiting to be discovered by viewers. And when it comes to Daisy Jones & The Six, the showrunners have gone above and beyond to give fans a treat.

Throughout the show, there are numerous references to the King of Rock and Roll – Elvis Presley. It’s not just a passing mention, but intricate details that prove how much thought has gone into the show. The nods to Elvis range from subtle to overt, and it’s safe to say that fans have been delighted to discover them.

One of the most significant Elvis Easter eggs comes in the form of Daisy Jones herself. Played by the talented Riley Keough, Daisy is a character inspired by various rock and roll legends from the 1970s. But it is no secret that Elvis was one of the biggest inspirations for the character. In the show, Daisy has a signature move that mimics Presley’s famous leg-shake. Not only that, but the way she wears her hair, her fashion sense, and even her rebellious attitude is reminiscent of the King’s. Keough, who is Elvis Presley’s granddaughter, seems to have inherited the swagger and bravado of her grandfather, making the Easter egg even more personal and exciting.

Another significant reference to Elvis comes in the form of one of Daisy’s onstage performances. In one episode, Daisy performs at the Troubadour in Los Angeles, and her outfit is a nod to the iconic white jumpsuit Elvis was known for wearing during his concerts. The jumpsuit was elaborate, bedazzled with rhinestones and sequins, and had flared pants that flowed beautifully as he moved on stage. In Daisy Jones & The Six, Daisy wears a similar jumpsuit, adorned with feathers and bright colors, making for a vibrant and exciting performance.

The love story between Billy Dunne, the lead vocalist of The Six, and Daisy also has a few Elvis references. Billy and Daisy’s relationship is tempestuous and passionate, with both characters fighting for control over their careers and personal lives. In one episode, they indulge in a romantic dinner, and the tablecloth they eat on has the same print as Elvis’s famous Aloha from Hawaii jumpsuit. It’s a small detail, but for fans of Elvis, it’s a loving nod to the King and his impact on pop culture.

Perhaps the most overt Elvis Easter egg comes in the final episode of the show. Without giving away any spoilers, the scene features a performance that is a direct homage to Elvis’s famous ’68 Comeback Special. For those not familiar, the ’68 Comeback Special was a televised concert that marked a return to music for Elvis after a brief stint in acting. The show has since become iconic, with Elvis performing some of his biggest hits and mesmerizing the audience with his talent and charisma. In Daisy Jones & The Six, the performance is a recreation of that same special, with the lead actor playing a character inspired by the King. The vocals, the instrumentation, and even the lighting are all reminiscent of the ’68 Comeback Special, making for an electrifying tribute to Elvis.

In conclusion, Daisy Jones & The Six has been a hit with fans and critics alike, and the Elvis Easter eggs have only added to its charm. The show’s attention to detail is remarkable, and the nods to Elvis are a testament to the King’s influence on music and pop culture. As fans discover these little Easter eggs, they have been emotional, nostalgic, and thrilled, knowing that their beloved Elvis is still alive and well in the minds of those who create and appreciate great art.