Bruno Fernandes has been one of the most talked-about players in the Premier League after his sensational performances for Manchester United since his arrival. He has been a talisman for the team, and his fellow teammates have looked up to him for leadership on and off the pitch. However, recent events have led to calls for him to lose his captaincy, and the Ajax manager, Erik ten Hag, has responded subsequently.

Bruno Fernandes arrived at Manchester United in January 2020 and made an immediate impact on the team. The Portuguese midfielder has been phenomenal, scoring goals, assisting, and leading the team when they needed him the most. At the start of this season, Manchester United manager, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, named him the team’s captain after the departure of Ashley Young to Inter Milan.

Fernandes has been a popular choice for the captaincy, and his performances have justified Solskjaer’s decision. He has led the team to some crucial victories, including a comeback win against Southampton and a stunning hat-trick against Leeds United. He has become a crucial part of the Manchester United dressing room and has been respected by his fellow teammates for his leadership qualities.

However, the Portuguese midfielder has recently come under fire for his actions during Manchester United’s Europa League tie against Real Sociedad. In the game, Fernandes was seen shouting at Fred, who was preparing to take a free-kick. The Brazilian midfielder ignored Fernandes and took the free-kick, which resulted in a goal for Manchester United. The incident angered Fernandes, who was seen shouting obscenities at Fred and appeared to direct a middle finger gesture towards his teammate.

Since the incident, fans and experts have called for Fernandes to lose the captaincy. Former Liverpool player, Stan Collymore, has been the most vocal, calling for the Manchester United midfielder to be stripped of the captaincy. Collymore stated that Fernandes’ behavior was unacceptable and that he was setting a bad example for his fellow teammates.

In response to the calls for Fernandes to lose the captaincy, Erik ten Hag, the Ajax manager, has defended the Portuguese midfielder. Ten Hag, who coached Fernandes during his time at Sporting Lisbon, stated that Fernandes was an excellent leader and that incidents like these were part of football. Ten Hag explained that Fernandes was a passionate player who wanted to win, and sometimes his emotions got the better of him. However, he added that Fernandes was still a fantastic captain who led by example on the pitch.

Ten Hag’s response to the controversy has been well received by Manchester United fans, who believe that Fernandes should be given a second chance. They point out that Fernandes has been a massive asset for the team and that his passion and determination are what make him a great leader.

However, some fans have also criticized Fernandes for his behavior and have stated that he needs to learn to control his emotions better. They argue that the incident against Real Sociedad was not the first time that Fernandes had shown his frustration on the pitch and that he needed to be more disciplined if he wanted to be a successful captain.

In conclusion, the controversy around Bruno Fernandes’ behavior has highlighted the importance of leadership in football. While he has been one of the best players in the Premier League this season, his actions against Real Sociedad have raised concerns about his leadership qualities. However, the response from Erik ten Hag and Manchester United fans shows that Fernandes still has plenty of support and that he has the potential to be an excellent captain for the Red Devils. It will be interesting to see how Fernandes responds to the criticism and whether he can learn from his mistakes and become a better leader both on and off the pitch.