Hugh Grant, the popular British actor known for his charming roles in romantic comedies, recently made headlines when he openly complained about his Music & Lyrics co-star Drew Barrymore. He shocked fans when he referred to Barrymore as “having the attention span of a hummingbird.”

In a recent interview with Marc Maron on the “WTF” podcast, Grant revealed that he found it “very difficult” to work with Barrymore on the 2007 romantic comedy Music & Lyrics. The duo played the lead roles of a washed-up musician and his quirky songwriter, respectively. The film was a box office success, but it seems that behind the scenes, there was tension between the two co-stars.

Grant didn’t hold back when he spoke about working with Barrymore. He described her as “a barrel of laughs” but then went on to criticize her work ethic. He said that she was “so bloody unprofessional” and that she “never learned her lines.” He also said that she couldn’t concentrate for longer than 30 seconds and had to be constantly entertained by the crew.

Grant didn’t stop there. He also said that Barrymore was “really irritating” and that he would often get frustrated with her. He mentioned a particular scene where Barrymore had to cry, and he had to “poke her quite hard” to get her to produce some tears. He added that he didn’t enjoy the experience of making the film “at all.”

These comments took many fans by surprise, as Grant and Barrymore had previously portrayed a great rapport on screen. They had also been spotted laughing and joking around during promotional appearances for the film. However, it seems that Grant’s complaints may have been rooted in some genuine frustrations that he experienced during the filming process.

Naturally, Grant’s comments didn’t go down well with Barrymore or her fans. The actress refrained from commenting on the issue herself, but her supporters were quick to defend her. They praised her for being a down-to-earth and hardworking actress, who always gave her all to her roles. They also pointed out that Grant had been known to be difficult on set himself, with a reputation for being demanding and perfectionist.

Grant’s comments also raised questions about the dynamics between co-stars in Hollywood. While it’s not uncommon for actors to have disagreements or creative differences on set, it’s rare for these issues to be aired so publicly. Some critics suggested that Grant’s comments were unprofessional and could tarnish his image as a likable leading man.

Despite the backlash, Grant stood by his comments and even joked about them in subsequent interviews. He said that he had received a lot of messages from people who, like him, found Barrymore “a bit irritating.” He also said that he had no regrets about his comments and that he would do it all again if given the chance.

So, what can we learn from this incident? It’s clear that working in the entertainment industry can be incredibly stressful, and even the most successful actors can have bad days on set. However, airing your grievances in public can be risky and may damage relationships with co-stars, directors, producers, and fans. It’s always better to handle any issues behind closed doors and to maintain a professional attitude on set. After all, the film industry is a collaborative effort, and creating a positive working environment is crucial to making a successful movie.

Despite the drama, Music & Lyrics remains a beloved rom-com that is remembered fondly by fans. Grant and Barrymore have both enjoyed long and successful careers in the years since the film’s release, showing that it’s possible to move on from on-set disagreements and still produce great work. Perhaps in future roles, they will cross paths again and be able to bury the hatchet once and for all.