The world of music mourned the loss of one of its most iconic figures, Terry Hall, who died on March 15, 2022, at the age of 63. The Specials frontman was a critical influence on the British ska and punk scenes of the late 1970s and early 1980s, and his unique vocal style and sharp songwriting talents helped to propel his band to worldwide success. His legacy lives on in the countless artists who cite him as a major inspiration, including none other than Damon Albarn, the lead singer of Blur and Gorillaz.

Albarn, who shared a stage with Hall on several occasions, recently spoke out about his admiration for the late musician and how his music had influenced his own journey as a musician. Albarn told reporters, “I never got a chance to say goodbye to Terry, but his music will always be a part of me. He was a true original, and his voice was one of the most distinctive in all of music.”

Though Hall’s onstage persona was often characterized by his intense energy and kinetic movements, Albarn emphasized that the musician was much more complex than many people often saw. “Terry was a complicated guy,” he said. “He had so much going on beneath the surface, and you could hear that depth in every note he sang.”

Many people may not know that Hall and Albarn had actually shared stages before. In 2019, Hall was a surprise addition to Albarn’s Africa Express tour, performing with a star-studded lineup that included Tony Allen, Ellie Rowsell, and Morena Leraba. According to Albarn, the experience of performing with Hall was nothing short of electrifying: “The energy that he brought to the stage was just incredible. Everyone in the crowd was hanging on his every note, and they could feel the history and significance of his presence.”

Albarn first met Hall back in the early ’90s when they were both rising stars in the UK music scene. At the time, Albarn was just starting out with Blur, while Hall was experiencing renewed success with his new band, Fun Boy Three. Albarn was immediately drawn to Hall’s distinctive voice and his ability to effortlessly weave intricate melodies into songs that sounded deceptively simple. “He was just such a master of his craft,” Albarn said. “You could tell that he had honed his skills over so many years of experience, and he knew exactly how to write a song that would stick with you.”

For Albarn, one of Hall’s most enduring legacies will be his role in the ska and punk movements of the late ’70s and early ’80s. Hall and The Specials were critical to the development and popularization of both genres, and they paved the way for countless other artists to follow. Albarn emphasizes that Hall’s influence is still felt today, even as he reflects on how much the music industry has changed over the years. “I think that Terry and The Specials were really ahead of their time in a lot of ways,” he said. “They were breaking down barriers between different genres and cultures, and they opened up a whole new world of possibilities for musicians.”

As Albarn continues to reflect on Hall’s legacy, he hopes that people will remember him not just as a musician, but as a visionary who helped to shape the future of British music. “Terry was a true innovator, and he never stopped pushing the boundaries of what was possible,” he said. “He was always looking for new sounds and trying out new ideas, and that’s something that I really admire about him. He was always moving forward, even when the industry was telling him to stay put.”

Though Albarn never got a chance to say goodbye to Hall before his passing, he feels a deep sense of gratitude that he was able to share the stage with him and experience his music firsthand. “Terry really was one of a kind,” he said. “His impact on the music industry will be felt for years to come, and I feel so lucky to have been able to witness it firsthand.” With his unique voice and unparalleled talent, Terry Hall continues to inspire and influence musicians from all over the world, including Damon Albarn and countless others who will carry his legacy forward.