Comedian Joe Lycett has set his sights on replacing Gary Lineker as the host of the popular football show, Match of the Day. The Birmingham-born entertainer has made headlines in recent years for his stints on various television shows and his humorous take on politics and current affairs. Lycett, who is openly gay, has been labelled as a left-wing activist in the past, but he recently revealed that he is actually “very right-wing” and believes in “personal responsibility” and “lower taxes”.

The 33-year-old comedian appeared on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs, where he spoke about his political views and his desire to replace Lineker. He said, “I’m actually very right-wing. I’m all for personal responsibility and lower taxes. I do believe in people being able to better themselves, and I think that sometimes the left can be a bit limiting in that regard.”

Lycett’s comments have surprised many who have followed his career, as he has been known for his support of progressive causes such as LGBTQ rights, anti-racism campaigns, and environmentalism. However, he explained that his beliefs stem from his working-class background and his desire to see people take control of their own lives.

“I grew up in a council house in Birmingham, and I’ve seen how hard my parents worked to provide for us. I think that people should be able to keep more of what they earn and make their own choices about how they live their lives,” he said.

Lycett’s statements have sparked a mixed response from the public, with some applauding him for standing up for his beliefs and others criticising him for betraying his progressive values. However, the comedian has not let the backlash deter him from his ambition to become the host of Match of the Day.

“I think Gary Lineker has done a fantastic job, but I believe that I could bring a fresh perspective to the show. I’m a big football fan, and I think I could offer a unique blend of humour and analysis,” he said.

Lineker has been the host of Match of the Day since 1999 and is widely regarded as one of the most iconic figures in football broadcasting. However, rumours have been circulating that the BBC is looking for a younger, more diverse presenter to take over the reins. Lycett’s bid for the job has been met with enthusiasm from some quarters, as he has a loyal following among younger viewers and is known for his irreverent wit.

However, there are also concerns about Lycett’s ability to present a serious sports programme, as he is primarily known for his comedy work. Some have argued that Match of the Day requires a presenter who has a deep understanding of football and can provide insightful analysis of the matches.

Lycett, however, is confident that his sense of humour and his passion for the sport will stand him in good stead. He said, “I know that some people might doubt my ability to present a sports show, but I love football and I think I could bring something different to the table. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert, but I can offer a fresh take on the game and hopefully make people laugh at the same time.”

The comedian’s bid to replace Lineker is just the latest in a series of high-profile campaigns for social justice causes. He has been vocal in his support of LGBTQ rights, and last year he changed his name to Hugo Boss in protest against the fashion brand’s aggressive trademark tactics. The campaign was widely covered in the media and earned Lycett praise for his irreverent activism.

Lycett’s bid to become the host of Match of the Day is still in its early stages, and it remains to be seen whether the BBC will consider him for the role. However, his comments about his conservative beliefs have highlighted the complexity of political identity, and how individuals can hold seemingly contradictory views.

Whether or not Lycett will be able to bridge the gap between his humour and his love of football remains to be seen, but his bold campaign has certainly turned heads in the world of sport and entertainment. If he is successful, he could well become the next big thing in football broadcasting – a comedically-inclined presenter who brings a fresh perspective to the beautiful game.