On the 20th of October 2021, a South Carolina court handed down a 10-year sentence to Alex Murdaugh, an ex-prominent lawyer who has been embroiled in legal troubles following his family’s murder in June.

Alex Murdaugh was the surviving member of a family of lawyers who had represented prominent clients like the Murdaugh family for decades. His wife and son were murdered in June, and the authorities are still investigating the case. The murders also led to the discovery of Murdaugh’s alleged embezzlement of millions of dollars from his law firm and its clients.

In scathing remarks, the presiding judge, Circuit Judge Carmen Mullen, told Murdaugh that his wife and son would “visit him every night” in prison as a result of his crimes.

“The thing that you’re probably most looking forward to when you get to prison is when the lights go out and you get in bed,” Mullen began. “You know that feeling after a long day of work, and you just get in bed, and you feel such relief that the day is over?”

“I guarantee you that every night, when you lay your head on the pillow, you’re going to think of your wife and son, and they’re going to be the ones that visit you every night,” she continued. “They’re going to come to you in your dreams, and they’re going to remind you of what you’ve done.”

Mullen’s comments were a stern indictment of Murdaugh’s selfishness and the harm he’s caused to the people around him. The judge’s remarks came after prosecutors accused Murdaugh of stealing millions of dollars from his family’s law firm, which he used to buy drugs and pay for sex with men. Prosecutors also accused him of trying to stage his own murder to collect insurance money.

Despite his charges, Murdaugh had avoided jail time until now, thanks to his privileged background, influence, and wealth. However, the judge didn’t hold back in delivering a searing rebuke to the disgraced lawyer.

“You have stolen from your family, your friends, and your clients,” Mullen said. “You have betrayed everyone that ever had faith in you,” she added. “I can tell you that your family is not proud of you today, and neither is anyone else in this room.”

The judge’s scathing remarks and the sentence itself have been widely applauded as a victory for justice and accountability in a system that often favors the wealthy and powerful. Murdaugh’s case has also sparked a national debate about the privileges afforded to those with money and influence, particularly in the legal system.

In the wake of the murders, Murdaugh has been disbarred and is facing significant legal challenges stemming from the embezzlement charges. However, the sentencing serves as a reminder that no amount of wealth or influence can protect someone from the consequences of their actions, particularly when they cause harm to others.

In conclusion, Judge Carmen Mullen’s remarks during Alex Murdaugh’s sentencing serve as a stark reminder of the consequences of one’s actions. In an era where wealthy and powerful individuals often escape the law’s consequences, Mullen’s actions serve as a beacon of hope for a more just and equal legal system. Murdaugh’s case is a reminder that no one is above the law, and that true justice must be served for the betterment of society as a whole.