Julia Fox’s brother, Philip Fox, was recently arrested in a raid at his New York City apartment, during which police found several illegal items. The raid occurred on January 28th and resulted in the discovery of ghost guns, drugs, and explosive materials.

Ghost guns are firearms that are assembled from parts that are not regulated by the government. These guns do not have serial numbers, which makes them incredibly difficult to track. Although ghost guns are not illegal in all states, in New York City, they are strictly prohibited.

The drugs found in Philip Fox’s apartment were cocaine and marijuana. While marijuana has been decriminalized in New York City, cocaine is still considered a serious drug offense. Possession and distribution of cocaine can result in heavy fines and even years in prison.

Explosive materials were also found in the apartment. It is unclear what these materials were or what Philip Fox intended to do with them. However, the discovery of these materials indicates that there may have been a potentially dangerous situation brewing.

Philip Fox has been charged with numerous crimes, including possessing illegal firearms, possession of a destructive device, and drug possession. He currently faces several years in prison if convicted.

This is not the first time that Julia Fox’s family has been involved in criminal activity. In 2020, it was revealed that Julia’s father, Mr. Fox, was involved in a massive fraud scheme. The scheme involved selling fake diamonds and defrauding investors out of millions of dollars. Mr. Fox was eventually sentenced to six years in prison.

The news of Philip Fox’s arrest has shocked many of Julia’s fans, who had no idea that her brother was involved in such serious criminal activity. Julia Fox is best known for her role in the hit movie “Uncut Gems,” and has a growing fanbase on social media.

Fans have taken to Twitter to express their shock and disappointment over the news. Many are expressing their support for Julia during this difficult time, while others are calling for Philip to be held accountable for his actions.

It is essential to remember that the actions of one family member do not define the entire family. Julia Fox should not be judged based on her brother’s criminal activity. She has not publicly commented on her brother’s arrest, but it is safe to assume that she is deeply affected by the news.

The discovery of ghost guns, drugs, and explosive materials in Philip Fox’s apartment is a reminder that there are dangerous and illegal activities occurring all around us. While we may be unaware of what is happening behind closed doors, it is crucial to remain vigilant in keeping our communities safe.

Ghost guns, in particular, have become a growing concern for law enforcement officials. These guns are virtually untraceable and are being used in an increasing number of crimes. Many states are beginning to take action against ghost guns, including New York and California, where they are banned entirely.

The arrest of Philip Fox shows that the possession of illegal firearms and explosive materials is a serious crime, and law enforcement officials will not hesitate to take action against those involved.

In conclusion, the news of Julia Fox’s brother’s arrest is shocking and disturbing. The discovery of ghost guns, drugs, and explosive materials in his apartment reminds us all that there are dangers all around us, even in our own neighborhoods. It is essential to remain vigilant in keeping our communities safe and to hold those who break the law accountable for their actions.