Katherine Ryan is a Canadian comedian, writer, actress, and presenter who is well known for her sharp wit and hilarious stand-up comedy. In a recent interview, the star revealed that she would “die” for the opportunity to present awards shows and “roast” other celebrities.

Award shows have always been a big deal. They are evenings filled with glitz, glamour, and excitement. For many celebrities, awards nights present an opportunity to shine and be recognized for their hard work. However, hosting an awards show is even more prestigious. Hosting involves taking charge of the event and being responsible for entertaining the audience while keeping things moving along smoothly.

Katherine Ryan has made it clear that hosting an awards show would be an incredible opportunity for her. In her interview, Ryan stated that she would “die” for the chance to host and keep everyone entertained. She is no stranger to comedic timing, and her ability to engage an audience has been honed over years of performing stand-up comedy.

Ryan has already shown her prowess as a host, as she took on the role of presenting the NME Awards in London in 2020. Her quick wit and ability to think on her feet made her the perfect choice to lead the show. Ryan’s performance that night was praised by critics and fans alike, who noted that she made the show hilarious, edgy, and memorable.

In addition to hosting awards shows, Ryan has also expressed an interest in “roasting” other celebrities. Roasts are comedy shows where a selected celebrity is typically roasted, ridiculed, and made fun of by a panel of comedians or peers. Most roasts are televised, and they often result in controversy, raising more profile and interest in the participants.

Ryan is known for her comedic style, which is often biting and irreverent. In her interview, she stated that roasting celebrities is a great way to bond with them, and that she would love to take part in a roast. Her ability to find humour in even the most unexpected situations would make her an ideal candidate for participating in such an event.

The concept of roasting actually originated in the US, where it’s a popular form of entertainment. Over the years, the event has morphed into a more biting and satirical form of entertainment which is enjoyed in many parts of the world today.

In recent years, celebrity roasts have become increasingly popular, and many have included notable celebrities like Justin Bieber, Alec Baldwin, and Bruce Willis. The events usually feature a series of celebrity comedians and guests who take turns roasting the guest of honor with witty punchlines and hilarious stories, often showcasing the celebrities in a light that the public rarely gets to see.

Encouraged by Ryan’s unique talents, roasts and award show organisers may be considering her for hosting or participating in their shows. Her unique style that includes taking jabs at herself and others, make any public event she is a part of exciting and entertaining, as she is not afraid to say what others may be thinking.

It’s not just Ryan’s comedic abilities that make her a great fit for the job, however. Her charm and charisma, along with her intelligence and quick-wittedness, make her a natural fit for hosting award shows and performing roasts.

Overall, Katherine Ryan is a brilliant comedian who has been making audiences laugh for years. Her passion for hosting awards shows and participating in celebrity roasts is a testament to her love of comedy and the joy she brings to her audiences. Her charismatic personality and unique comedic style would undoubtedly make her an excellent choice for any awards show or celebrity roast.

In conclusion, Katherine Ryan’s ambition to host award shows and participate in celebrity roasts have caught the public imagination. With the necessary grooming and honing of her already outstanding talent, she would undoubtedly propel any show to the highest pedestal of entertainment while ensures that every audience is in stitches by the end.