On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, the White House Press Briefing room hosted a briefing after Governor Ron DeSantis’ speech in California. The briefing commenced with a statement from White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, who began by outlining the key points of President Biden’s Build Back Better Agenda, which includes creating jobs and upgrading infrastructure.

Psaki welcomed reporters, stating that the President and his team remained focused on key issues, such as COVID-19 response, economic recovery, and climate change. She linked these priorities to the Build Back Better Agenda, noting that it was meant to address the current and future challenges in the United States while positioning the country for long-term growth.

The press briefing then turned to a series of questions from reporters, some of which focused on Governor DeSantis’ recent speech in California, where he urged redistricting efforts to give his party a boost.

When asked about Governor DeSantis’ remarks in California, Psaki stated that redistricting should not be political; rather, it should be about consistency and fairness, ensuring that people get an equal say in how they are represented. She reiterated that redistricting should not be a partisan issue, and noted that the Biden Administration sought to prioritize fair redistricting efforts across the nation.

Furthermore, when pressed on whether or not President Biden had any plans to campaign in support of Democrats during the upcoming midterm elections, Psaki stated that the President had no plans to do so at this time. However, she emphasized that the Administration remained committed to supporting Democratic candidates throughout the country.

The press briefing also addressed questions related to COVID-19 and the recent surge in cases nationwide. Psaki noted that the administration was working tirelessly to ensure that every American got vaccinated, and urged citizens to get their COVID-19 shots, adding that the Delta variant posed a significant threat to public health, and that vaccines were crucial in combatting the virus and mitigating its spread.

The briefing also covered the ongoing effort to pass the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, which the House of Representatives passed the previous night. Psaki underscored that the bill represented a significant investment in the nation’s infrastructure, which would make it possible to create jobs, boost economic growth, and transform America’s transportation and communications systems.

In summary, the White House Press Briefing following Governor DeSantis’ speech in California covered a range of topics, including COVID-19 response, economic recovery, climate change, infrastructure improvements, and fair redistricting efforts. The press briefing also provided an opportunity for reporters to ask questions on various issues, highlighting the Administration’s commitment to transparency and accountability. Ultimately, the briefing delivered a sense of the Biden Administration’s priorities and re-affirmed its commitment to addressing the needs and concerns of the American people.