Louisville, Kentucky – The Louisville police department has released body camera footage of officers ‘unknowingly’ shooting two teenagers while responding to a disturbance call on Wednesday evening. The video shows officers entering a home and immediately being met with gunfire from inside the house.

The officers, who arrived at the home after receiving a 911 call about an argument between two people at around 6 pm, were not aware that there were teenagers inside the house. When they entered the house, they were met with gunfire from one of the teenagers, who was holding a gun.

One of the officers can be heard on the body camera footage saying, “shots fired, shots fired,” as the group retreated from the house. Seconds later, one of the officers is heard yelling, “I got hit,” as he falls to the ground.

The video then shows the officers returning fire, shooting into the house multiple times. The two teenagers, who were identified as 17-year-old Alexander Dalton and 16-year-old Trinity Randolph, were shot and gravely injured.

Both teenagers were rushed to the hospital but later died from their injuries. One of the officers was also shot in the wrist but was later released from the hospital after treatment.

The Louisville police department has launched an investigation into the shooting and has placed the officers involved on administrative leave, which is standard procedure in incidents involving police shootings.

The release of the body camera footage has sparked outrage among the community, who are demanding that the police department be held accountable for the shooting.

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer addressed the incident in a statement, saying, “The events leading to this tragic outcome are still unfolding, but I can say with certainty that we need more answers and we need them YESTERDAY.”

He added, “I urge the community to be calm and patient as we await the results of the investigation, but make no mistake, there will be accountability.”

Critics of the police department say this incident is emblematic of the systemic failings of law enforcement agencies across the country. Many argue that police officers are not properly trained to de-escalate situations and are too quick to use deadly force, particularly against Black and brown people.

Earlier this year, Louisville made headlines after the fatal police shooting of Breonna Taylor, an unarmed Black woman who was shot and killed in her own apartment during a botched police raid. No charges were filed against any of the officers involved in the shooting, sparking widespread protests in the city and across the country.

The release of the body camera footage of the shooting has reignited calls for police reform and accountability in the city. Activists are calling on the police department to implement policies and procedures that prioritize de-escalation tactics over the use of deadly force.

The issue of police reform has become a major topic of discussion in recent months, particularly in the wake of the killing of George Floyd by Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, which sparked protests across the globe.

Calls for defunding or abolishing police departments altogether have grown louder, with many activists arguing that current policing methods are fundamentally flawed and in need of a complete overhaul.

In the case of the Louisville shooting, the release of the body camera footage has sparked a broader conversation about the importance of transparency and accountability in law enforcement. Many argue that without such measures, incidents like the shooting of the two teenagers will continue to happen with disturbing frequency.

The Louisville police department has vowed to conduct a thorough investigation into the shooting and has promised to release more information as it becomes available. In the meantime, the community is demanding action and an end to the pattern of abuse and violence by law enforcement agencies.

As Mayor Fischer stated in his remarks, “We must work together to make communities safer and police more accountable, because the status quo is unacceptable.” So, police departments and law enforcement agencies should take strict measures to reform their practices and training methods to avoid such incidents in the future.