When it comes to complex and mysterious characters that have graced the world of literature and cinema, Luther has quickly become one of the most well-known and loved detectives of all time.

Created by Neil Cross and portrayed by Idris Elba, Luther has become a pop culture icon, with many fans of the show eagerly awaiting any sign of his disappearance from their screens.

While the world eagerly awaits a new instalment of the series or movie, Neil Cross, the mastermind creator behind the complex and ever-loved character, recently revealed that he had resisted the temptation to bring the beloved character back in the upcoming book Fallen Sun.

In a surprising move, Neil Cross announced recently that he had completed a new book in the Luther series called Fallen Sun, and this would be his last book featuring the beloved detective. Fans of the show can now enjoy reading the final adventures of Luther in print, but also have an opportunity to see him continue his investigations in the TV series.

The news of a new book release was met with excitement and anticipation by fans worldwide. There was one question on everyone’s lips regarding the future of the character: would Luther ever return to the screen? Would he get a chance to solve more crimes and thrill his fans with his intellect?

Although the release of the book was an indication that Neil Cross had decided to end the character’s story, many were still hopeful that Luther might make an appearance in future series or movies.

Unfortunately, Neil Cross has confirmed that Luther won’t be returning to screens soon, and his appearance in the book, Fallen Sun is only in a dream sequence. He explains that he needed to give a definitive closure to the character’s story, and he chose a book to do that instead of trying to make new episodes.

“I’ve made an absolute decision to leave Luther behind, to never write him again,” Cross said in a recent interview. “It’s very sad, and it’s very upsetting to me. But it’s the right thing to do: leaving him there, and allowing him to stand alone.”

The dream sequence in the book sees Luther confront a series of the greatest villains that had ever plagued him during his career, including some that died or he thought he had buried.

According to Cross, the dream sequence in Fallen Sun gave him the freedom to write about Luther’s most ostentatious cases that seemed to escape justice when they were alive. The dream also gave him an opportunity to explore what would have happened if Luther failed to bring the villains to justice. Cross explains that he wanted to delve deep into Luther’s past and explore the failures and regrets of the character.

It’s clear that Cross gave a lot of thought to the decision to let Luther have one final hurrah in Fallen Sun, and he’s confident that the dream was the perfect way to wrap-up Luther’s story. He noted that he deliberately made the narrative feel like an epilogue, setting the mood of Luther’s world, telling the reader “we are stepping out of Luther’s world, we’re stepping out of his universe.”

The dream sequence in Fallen Sun is part of a growing trend in the writing industry, with a growing number of authors and creators choosing to finalize their characters across different platforms. By completing their journey with printed books, authors can craft more intricate and detailed narratives, often with a more significant sense of finality than a TV series could provide.

While it is tough news for Luther fans, Neil Cross’s decision to leave the character behind entirely gives a sense of closure that many fans can appreciate.

It’s a testament to Cross’s respect for the character and his understanding of the fans’ love for Luther. It’s clear that he has done everything he can to provide closure to the character by choosing a definitive conclusion to the story of his beloved character.