Marianne Williamson opened the 2024 long-shot challenge to President Joe Biden, writing on Twitter that “2024 is soon enough. Let’s get ready now.” It’s a bold move for the author and spiritual teacher who ran for president in 2020 but failed to gain traction. Still, Williamson remains a beloved figure among many progressives and spiritual seekers, and the prospect of her taking on the establishment in 2024 has excited many supporters.

Williamson’s message is clear: she believes that the Democratic party needs to embrace more radical solutions, particularly on issues of climate change, income inequality, and racial justice. She has expressed frustration with the party’s centrist approach, which she argues doesn’t go far enough to address the root causes of these issues.

But is Williamson a serious contender for the presidency, or is this just another long-shot bid that will fizzle out before the primaries? It’s too early to say for sure, but there are a few reasons to think that Williamson may have some staying power.

First, Williamson has a devoted following. She was one of the most Googled candidates during the 2020 primary season and raised millions of dollars from small donors. While she didn’t make it onto the debate stage after the early rounds, she continued to campaign tirelessly, speaking at town halls and rallies across the country. Her message of love and compassion resonated with many Americans who were tired of the chaos and division of the Trump era.

Second, Williamson is a skilled communicator. Her books, talks, and social media presence have earned her a reputation as a gifted speaker and writer. She’s able to speak to both the heart and the mind, appealing to people’s emotions while also presenting well-reasoned arguments. This could be an asset in a crowded primary field where candidates will need to stand out from the pack.

Third, Williamson has already run for president once, which means she has a certain level of name recognition and experience that could give her an edge over other newcomers to the race. She’s also been involved in Democratic politics for many years, serving as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2016 and advising Bernie Sanders during his 2020 campaign. While she may not have the institutional support of some other candidates, she’s not a complete outsider either.

Of course, there are also some challenges that Williamson will need to overcome if she hopes to be a serious contender for the presidency. One is her lack of political experience. While she has been involved in politics in various ways, including running for Congress in 2014 (a race she lost by a wide margin), she’s never held elected office. This could be a liability in a field where many candidates will have years of experience as governors, senators, or mayors.

Another challenge is the perception of Williamson as a “woo-woo” candidate. Her embrace of new-age spirituality, including concepts like the law of attraction and the power of positive thinking, has made her a target of ridicule among some skeptics. While her spiritual beliefs undoubtedly inform her political views, she’ll need to convince voters that she’s grounded in reality and has a concrete plan for addressing the nation’s problems.

Finally, Williamson will need to overcome the skepticism of some progressive voters who see her as too moderate or not progressive enough. While she’s embraced some of the more radical ideas of the left, including the Green New Deal and Medicare for All, she’s also expressed opposition to some progressive priorities like defunding the police. This may make it difficult for her to build a coalition of support among left-leaning voters who are looking for a candidate who will promise to shake up the status quo.

Despite these challenges, Marianne Williamson’s entry into the race is an exciting development for progressives who are looking for a bold and visionary leader to take on the establishment. While it’s still too early to say whether she’ll be a serious contender, her passion, charisma, and commitment to social justice make her a force to be reckoned with. If she’s able to harness the energy of her supporters and build a broad coalition of voters, she just might have a shot at winning the nomination and taking on Donald Trump or whoever the Republicans nominate in 2024. It will certainly be an interesting primary season, and Marianne Williamson will be one to watch.