In a recent development, Ministers Saurabh Bhardwaj and Atishi have taken charge of their respective departments in the Delhi government. While Bhardwaj has been appointed as the new Transport and Law Minister, Atishi has taken charge of the Education, Tourism, and Water departments. Both these ministers have been given important portfolios, and are expected to make significant contributions to the progress of Delhi as a state.

Saurabh Bhardwaj is a prominent political figure in the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), and has been a part of the Delhi government since its inception in 2013. He has previously served as the Minister of Food and Supply, and has also been the Vice Chairperson of the Delhi Jal Board. Bhardwaj is known for his pro-people policies, and has been actively involved in the development of Delhi’s public infrastructure.

As the new Transport Minister, Bhardwaj is expected to bring in a fresh perspective to the department. The Transport department is responsible for the administration and regulation of transport services, including buses, taxis, auto-rickshaws, and metros. Bhardwaj has already announced that he will be focusing on improving the public transport system, and has promised to bring in new buses and improve the frequency of existing ones.

Another area of focus for the new Transport Minister will be the regulation of app-based cab services like Ola and Uber. The Delhi government has had a contentious relationship with these services in the past, with the companies often clashing with the government over issues like pricing and safety regulations. Bhardwaj has stated that he will be working towards finding a middle ground between the interests of these companies and the needs and safety of passengers.

Bhardwaj has also been appointed as the new Law Minister, and will be responsible for overseeing the legal affairs of the state government. This is a crucial role, as it involves ensuring that the government operates within the bounds of the law and that it is able to effectively defend itself against legal challenges.

Atishi, on the other hand, is a relatively new entrant to the Delhi government. She first came to the public eye as a member of the team that led the transformation of Delhi’s government-run schools. The project, called the Delhi Education Revolution, was a resounding success, and led to a significant improvement in the quality of education provided to students in the city.

As the new Education Minister, Atishi will be expected to continue the good work that she and her team have already done. She has already announced that she will be taking steps to improve the quality of primary education in Delhi, with a special focus on improving the reading skills of students. Atishi has also promised to work towards improving the infrastructure of government schools, and has stated that she will be seeking the support of the private sector in this endeavour.

In addition to the Education portfolio, Atishi has also been given charge of the Water and Tourism departments. The Water department is responsible for ensuring the regular supply of clean and safe drinking water to the residents of Delhi, while the Tourism department is responsible for promoting the city as a tourist destination and developing its tourism infrastructure.

Atishi has stated that she will be taking a comprehensive approach to water management in the city, with a focus on reducing wastage and ensuring that water is used judiciously. She has also promised to take steps to rejuvenate the city’s water bodies and improve its groundwater levels.

In the Tourism department, Atishi will be working towards developing Delhi’s potential as a tourist destination. The city has a rich cultural and historical legacy, and Atishi has stated that she will be working towards showcasing this to the world. She has also promised to ensure that the city’s tourism infrastructure is improved and that the needs of tourists are taken into account when developing new projects.

Overall, the appointments of Bhardwaj and Atishi look set to usher in a new phase of development for Delhi. Both these ministers come with a strong vision and a track record of delivering results. The Delhi government has faced significant challenges in the past, but with the appointment of these two ministers, it is well poised to meet them head-on and emerge stronger than ever.