Miranda Hart, the famous TV personality and comedian, recently opened up about the abuse she faced on Twitter. In an interview with The Sunday Times, Hart shared that she had been facing constant trolling on the social media platform for several years now.

Hart spoke about how the Twitter trolls have left an indelible impact on her mental health. She revealed that she had even contemplated quitting social media several times but eventually decided against it. In the interview, she stated, “People who say that I should quit Twitter, I understand that. But it’s important to raise awareness of the issue. It’s essential to acknowledge that trolling breeds anxiety, depression, and worse.”

Hart explained that she is used to receiving negative feedback for her work as a comedian, but the personal attacks were what had been affecting her the most. She shared that the trolls had gone beyond criticizing her work and had started to attack her character, making personal remarks about her appearance, her love life, and her career choices.

The comedienne went on to say that the trolls and online abuse had even penetrated her personal life. They had dug up and shared personal information about her that she hadn’t shared herself, leading to her being forced to leave the platform for a short time.

Hart believes that Twitter has failed to take up the responsibility of monitoring and curbing online abuse on its platform. She expressed her disappointment in the company’s inactivity in handling and addressing this widespread issue. She also shared her thoughts about some of the potential ways to tackle the problem. She called for a more robust system of regulation and accountability, with those perpetrating the abuse being held accountable for their actions.

Hart’s comments come at a time when online abuse is becoming increasingly prevalent. Statistics have shown that women, people of color, and members of the LGBT community are the most likely to be the target of online harassment. The problem is so severe that high-profile figures, including politicians, celebrities, and even members of the royal family, have been forced to take a break from social media due to the severity of the abuse they receive.

The debate surrounding the issue has led to calls for stricter laws and regulations governing online platforms’ responsibilities. Many social media companies are now facing increasing pressure to monitor their platforms and take action against the abuse. Twitter has announced new algorithms to detect and remove hate speech and harmful rhetoric from the platform. The company has also increased the visibility of its reporting tools to make it easier for users to report instances of abuse.

In light of the current climate, Hart’s public acknowledgement of the issue is essential in raising awareness of online abuse and its effects on individuals. By speaking out about the effect of online hate on her life, Hart is encouraging others to follow suit, and the issue receives much-needed attention.

Hart’s message is clear. Social media companies must be held accountable for the harmful speech circulated on their platforms. Online abuse is affecting the mental health of thousands of people, and it’s time for the authorities to start taking the issue seriously.

In conclusion, Miranda Hart’s admission of online abuse underlines how much work there is still to do in combating the dangerous practice of online abuse. The insidious impact is far-reaching, with many celebrities choosing to walk away from social media for their own safety. Hart’s determination and commitment to continue speaking out about the issue can have a positive impact by raising awareness and demanding change. Her brave gesture reminds us all that we must hold social media companies accountable for the harassment they have allowed to plague their platforms. It is essential to make the internet a safer and more supportive place for everyone.