The Premier League, one of the most popular football leagues in the world, has been thrown into controversy following discussions that some of its top players are in talks to join a boycott of Match of the Day in solidarity with presenter Gary Lineker.

Lineker, a former Premier League player himself, has been making headlines recently due to his vocal criticism of the government over its plans to cut free school meals for children from low-income families. He has been particularly critical of the decision to end the scheme during school holidays, which he has described as “unconscionable”.

In response, the Conservative Party has been attacking Lineker, with MPs calling for him to be sacked by the BBC, which broadcasts Match of the Day. The decision to cut free school meals has also sparked outrage among the public, with many calling for a boycott of companies that have supported the move.

Now, some Premier League players are said to be considering a boycott of Match of the Day in solidarity with Lineker. While the exact number of players involved is not yet known, reports have suggested that discussions are ongoing, and that a number of high-profile players have expressed their support for the idea.

The players’ decision to join the boycott is significant, as Match of the Day is one of the most-watched football programmes in the UK, with millions of people tuning in each week to watch highlights of Premier League games. A boycott would send a powerful message to the government and to the BBC, and could even lead to changes in policy on the issue of free school meals.

In recent days, Lineker has been tweeting about the boycott, urging his followers to get involved and to support the players who are considering taking part. He has also thanked those who have already shown their support, describing it as “heartening”.

However, Lineker has also faced criticism from some quarters, with some accusing him of using his position as a TV presenter to push his own political agenda. Others have suggested that a boycott of Match of the Day could lead to a loss of revenue for the BBC, potentially putting jobs at risk.

Despite these criticisms, Lineker has remained committed to the cause, insisting that he will continue to speak out on issues that he cares about. He has also pointed out that his views on free school meals are shared by many people in the UK, including politicians from all parties.

The Premier League players who are considering joining the boycott are understood to have similar views, and to be concerned about the impact that the government’s decision will have on the most vulnerable children in society. Many have already shown their support for charitable initiatives aimed at helping those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, and the issue of free school meals is seen as an extension of that.

It remains to be seen whether the boycott will actually go ahead, and how many players will be involved if it does. However, the fact that the Premier League players are even considering such a move is an indication of the growing sense of outrage over the government’s decision to cut free school meals, and the determination of those who are opposed to it to make their voices heard.

In the meantime, Lineker is continuing to use his platform to raise awareness of the issue, and to urge people to get involved in the campaign. He has also praised the Premier League players for their bravery in standing up for what they believe in, and for their willingness to use their influence to make a difference in the world.

Whatever happens next, it is clear that the issue of free school meals is not going away anytime soon. With the government facing mounting pressure to reverse its decision, and with more and more people speaking out against it every day, it seems likely that this will be one of the defining issues of our time. And as for whether the Premier League players will actually join the boycott of Match of the Day, only time will tell.