Ruben Selles, Southampton’s performance director, has spoken publicly about the team’s fight for survival in the Premier League. After a string of poor performances, the team sits in 18th place, just three points from the relegation zone. However, Selles is confident that the team has what it takes to stay in the top tier of English football.

In an interview with Sky Sports, Selles talked about the importance of fighting spirit and mentality. “We need to focus on the things we can control, and that is our attitude and effort,” he said. “We need to have a strong mentality, and we need to be united in our fight for survival.”

Selles went on to explain that the team is working hard to improve their performance on the pitch. “We are analyzing every aspect of our game, from our tactics to our physical conditioning,” he said. “We are also working on our team spirit and camaraderie, which are essential factors in a successful season.”

One of the key areas of focus for Southampton is their defense. The team has conceded 45 goals this season, the second-highest in the league. Selles acknowledges this as a problem but believes that the team is making progress. “We have been working hard on our defensive structure,” he said. “We are also analyzing the opposition and their strengths, so that we can better prepare for each game.”

Another area that Selles is keen to improve is the team’s attack. Southampton has scored just 25 goals this season, the fourth-lowest in the league. Selles believes that the team needs to be more clinical in front of goal. “We are creating chances, but we need to be more ruthless in our finishing,” he said. “We are working on our positioning and movement in the final third to create more opportunities.”

Despite their current position in the league, Selles is optimistic about Southampton’s chances of survival. “We have a good squad of players who are committed to the team,” he said. “We have shown in the past that we can compete with the best teams in the league. We just need to stay focused and work hard to get the results we need.”

Selles also emphasized the importance of the fans in Southampton’s fight for survival. “Our fans are amazing,” he said. “They give us tremendous support both home and away. We need to repay their faith in us by working hard and getting the results we need.”

Southampton fans will be hoping that Selles’ optimism is well-placed. The team has some tough fixtures coming up, including games against Manchester City, Leicester City, and Arsenal. However, if the team can maintain their fighting spirit and improve their performances on the pitch, they have a good chance of staying in the Premier League for another season.

In conclusion, Southampton’s performance director Ruben Selles is confident that the team can survive in the Premier League this season. Despite their position in the relegation zone, Selles believes that the team has what it takes to stay in the top tier of English football. He emphasized the importance of mentality, team spirit, and hard work in achieving the team’s goals. While the team still has some tough games ahead, supporters will be hoping that Selles’ optimism proves justified, and that the team can secure their place in the Premier League for another season.