Everton have been on a roller coaster ride this season. The Toffees started their Premier League campaign in a strong fashion and were considered to be one of the dark horses for a top-four finish. However, the club has seen a severe dip in form recently, which may have affected their chances of staying in the European competition race.

The pressure is now mounting on Everton boss Carlo Ancelotti, who has already faced criticism for his team’s performances this season. In an attempt to resurrect the club’s fortunes, Everton’s manager has reportedly sought the advice of his Burnley counterpart, Sean Dyche, who has suggested that Everton needs a “relentless mentality” to turn their fortunes around.

Dyche himself has been credited with leading Burnley to promotion and keeping them in the Premier League despite a limited budget. Under his guidance, Burnley has been a team that has always relished a challenge and never flinched from facing the best in the league.

Everton’s recent results may have highlighted some issues that need to be addressed if the club is to achieve their goals. Against Arsenal, Tottenham, and Manchester City this year alone, Everton has conceded a total of 11 goals, which is a significant burden for any team to overcome. While Everton was able to keep a clean sheet against Chelsea, their performance in that match was far from convincing.

To turn things around, Everton must look to develop a more “relentless mentality,” as suggested by Dyche. This means that the team should be prepared to fight hard in every match and that they should strive for excellence in everything that they do. In simpler terms, it means that they should be able to weather the storm, keep the pressure on the opponent, and fight until the final whistle.

Everton must also ensure that they are playing with a high intensity for the entire game. In recent weeks, the Toffees have been slow to start, which often results in them falling behind in matches. By instilling a more relentless mentality in his players, Ancelotti can ensure that they are mentally and physically ready to tackle their opponent straight from the kick-off.

Another key area where Everton must improve is in their tactical approach. The Toffees have always been known to be a team that likes to play on the front foot, but they need to be more adaptable to the situations that they face. This means that they should be able to vary their tactics depending on the opposition that they face.

The importance of having a solid tactical approach can be seen in Burnley’s success in recent years. Under Dyche’s guidance, Burnley has always been well-organized and focused on exploiting the weaknesses of their opponents. Despite their limited resources, Burnley has often been a thorn in the side of the bigger clubs in the league and has achieved some remarkable results.

Adopting a more tactical approach and being more adaptable to the opposition would help Everton’s players to be more aware of what is going on around them. This will make it harder for teams to find gaps and exploit weaknesses, and will also give Everton a better chance of snatching a result from games that they may have lost in previous seasons.

In conclusion, if Everton is to turn their fortunes around for the rest of the season, they must embrace a more relentless mentality, as suggested by Dyche. This means that the Toffees must be ready to fight for everything and be willing to adapt to the situations they face on the pitch. With the right approach, there is no reason why Everton cannot get back to winning ways and get their season back on track.