Steve Coogan has had quite the illustrious career, making a name for himself as one of the top British comedians and actors of the past few decades. Despite an impressive list of achievements, Coogan’s work hasn’t been without its critics. One of the most notable detractors of Coogan’s performances was none other than the late Jimmy Savile, who once referred to Coogan’s work as “appalling” and “disgusting.”

First, let’s take a look at Coogan’s career and some of his most notable performances. Often heralded as one of the greatest comedians to emerge from the British scene in the past 30 years, Coogan began his career performing at small clubs and pubs in the late 1980s. He soon gained notoriety for his character work, which frequently parodied various celebrities and public figures.

One of his most famous characters was Alan Partridge, a hapless and socially awkward TV and radio personality. The character became a hit, spawning a variety of TV shows, books, and even a movie that grossed over $23 million worldwide. Coogan has also acted in a variety of other TV shows and movies, often taking on roles that allowed him to showcase his comedic talents.

Considering the wide range of his work and the praise that many of his performances have received, it’s striking that Jimmy Savile, one of the most polarizing figures in British entertainment history, had such a negative opinion of Coogan’s work. It’s worth noting that Savile’s comments likely came before Coogan’s career had fully taken off, in the early days of his career when he was still performing at smaller venues.

However, given Savile’s controversial life and numerous allegations of sexual abuse, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that his criticisms of Coogan might have been misguided or colored by his own personal biases. It’s worth considering what, exactly, Savile found so distasteful about Coogan’s work and whether his opinions are shared by others.

One possible reason for Savile’s dislike of Coogan’s performances may be that Coogan tended to parody public figures and celebrities, a form of comedy that doesn’t always sit well with people who are being sent up. Savile was a controversial figure in his own right, so it’s possible that he bristled at Coogan’s ability to find humor in well-known public figures.

It’s worth remembering that Coogan himself has spoken out about the difficulties of creating comedy that doesn’t offend anyone. In a 2014 interview with The Guardian, he noted that he was beginning to feel like “a walking apology” for his work due to the number of people who took offense at his humor.

Despite the criticism he’s received, there’s no denying the impact that Coogan has had on the British comedy scene. Many of his characters, including Alan Partridge, have become cultural touchstones and have influenced generations of younger comedians.

It’s also worth noting that his work has often addressed and satirized serious issues, such as the state of the British media and the role of celebrity culture in modern society. While his performances may have offended some, they’ve also brought important cultural questions to the forefront and sparked important conversations about what we value as a society.

Another thing to consider is that Savile’s opinions about Coogan were formed under very different circumstances than the world we live in today. Given the recent revelations about Savile’s own crimes, it’s hard to take any criticism he might have had about other people’s behavior or morality very seriously.

Overall, it’s clear that Steve Coogan’s career has had a profound impact on British comedy and popular culture. While he’s not without his detractors, his work has helped to shape and define the current landscape of comedy, inspiring generations of performers and artists. Whatever Jimmy Savile may have thought of Coogan’s early performances, it’s clear that Coogan’s career has only gone from strength to strength in the years that have followed.