In a recent development, Steve Cooper, the manager of Nottingham Forest, has revealed that his team has written a letter to the Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) to stand up for themselves. This move comes in the wake of some controversial refereeing decisions that have gone against Forest in their recent games.

Cooper, who took charge of Forest in May this year, has had a mixed start to life at the City Ground. After an impressive start to the season, his team’s form has dipped in recent weeks, with a spate of injuries and international call-ups disrupting their rhythm. However, Cooper believes that his team has been on the wrong end of some dubious decisions from referees, and he wants to make sure that his players are not being unfairly treated.

Speaking to the media after Forest’s 2-1 defeat against Bristol City last week, Cooper said, “We’ve written a letter to the PGMOL. It’s basically saying that we’re not happy with some of the decisions that have gone against us in recent games. We’re not asking for any special treatment, but we just want to make sure that our players are being treated fairly.”

Cooper’s comments came after Forest had two penalty appeals turned down in the game against Bristol City. The first incident occurred in the first half when Scott McKenna was brought down in the box, but the referee waved play on. The second incident occurred late in the game when Brennan Johnson was tripped in the box, but the referee once again chose not to award a penalty.

These decisions were just the latest in a series of questionable refereeing calls that have gone against Forest this season. In their game against Millwall a few weeks ago, Forest had a goal disallowed for offside, even though replays showed that the player was onside. In another game against Huddersfield, Forest were denied a clear penalty when Lewis Grabban was fouled in the box.

Cooper’s decision to write a letter to the PGMOL is a bold move, but one that is likely to be welcomed by Forest fans. For too long, the club has been seen as a soft touch by referees and opposition teams, and Cooper’s stance shows that he is not willing to stand for it.

Of course, writing a letter is unlikely to change the course of the season, but it could have a positive impact in the long run. By making a public statement, Cooper is sending a message to his players that he will always stand up for them, no matter what. This could have a galvanising effect on the squad, particularly as they head into a crucial period of the season.

Another positive aspect of Cooper’s move is that it highlights the need for more accountability in the refereeing profession. While referees are only human and will make mistakes, there needs to be a better system in place to ensure that these mistakes do not have a significant impact on the outcome of games.

One solution could be to introduce VAR (video assistant referee) technology at Championship level. This would allow referees to review contentious decisions and ensure that they are making the correct call. While VAR has its critics, it has been successful in other leagues around the world and could help to level the playing field in the Championship.

Overall, Steve Cooper’s decision to write a letter to the PGMOL is a positive development for Nottingham Forest. While the outcome of the letter is uncertain, it shows that the club is not willing to be pushed around by referees and opposition teams. Furthermore, it highlights the need for more accountability in the refereeing profession and could lead to positive changes in the long run.