Union Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat has recently filed a defamation complaint against Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. The complaint comes in the wake of a voice clip that was released to the media, purportedly containing conversations between Shekhawat and a person named Sanjay Jain.

In the voice clip, Shekhawat can be heard allegedly talking about horse-trading and toppling the Gehlot-led government in Rajasthan. However, the Union Minister has denied the authenticity of the clip, stating that it was an attempt to malign his reputation.

This move has received mixed reactions from the political fraternity and the general public alike. Some have criticized Shekhawat for the allegations made against him, while others have supported him, stating that the tape recording was a part of a planned conspiracy to tarnish his image.

The complaint was filed by Shekhawat under Section 500 of the Indian Penal Code, which deals with criminal defamation. In the complaint, Shekhawat has alleged that Gehlot made false and defamatory statements against him, which were intended to harm his reputation.

The complaint was filed in a court in Jodhpur, which has now listed the matter for hearing. The timing of the complaint has raised eyebrows since it comes at a time when tensions between the Congress and the BJP have been running high due to the political crisis in Rajasthan.

The Congress-led government in Rajasthan has been going through a severe crisis in recent months due to the rivalry between CM Gehlot and his deputy Sachin Pilot. Pilot was subsequently removed from his post and the BJP has been accused of playing an active role in the crisis.

The move by Shekhawat has been seen by many as a response to the allegations made by the Congress against the BJP. The allegations include horse-trading, bribery and various other illegal activities, which were meant to destabilize the Gehlot-led government.

However, some have criticized Shekhawat for his move, stating that it is an attempt to silence those who have raised their voice against the BJP. There have been several instances in the past when the BJP has been accused of stifling the voices of its critics, which is a cause for concern for many.

The political climate in Rajasthan is currently very volatile, and the move by Shekhawat has only added fuel to the fire. The Congress has been calling for the resignation of Shekhawat, while the BJP has come out in his support.

The move by Shekhawat has also thrown light on the issue of political mudslinging, which has become a common feature of Indian politics. Many politicians use false, defamatory and derogatory statements against their opponents, which often results in an unhealthy and toxic political environment.

The move by Shekhawat has also raised questions about the credibility of the Indian media. The voice clip, which was released to the media, was never verified and it’s veracity has been questioned by many. The media has been accused of promoting sensationalism and spreading false information, which is not in the interest of the public.

In conclusion, the move by Shekhawat to file a defamation complaint against CM Gehlot has added to the already tense and volatile political situation in Rajasthan. The move has also highlighted the issue of political mudslinging, which is a cause for concern for many. It is important for politicians to rise above petty politics and focus on the larger picture, which is the progress and development of the country. The media also needs to be more responsible in their reporting, as it has a major impact on public opinion.