Last year, the world witnessed one of the most spectacular Oscar award nights. However, one of the most significant upsets of the night was when Will Smith beat Chris Rock to win the award for Best Actor. It was a jaw-dropping moment for many who had predicted that Chris Rock would take home the award. So, why did Will Smith manage to beat Chris Rock to the Oscars last year?

To begin with, it is vital to understand what the Oscars stand for. The Oscars is not just about recognizing good acting but also about honoring the entire movie-making process, from directing to writing and cinematography. While Chris Rock’s movie, ‘Top Five,’ was a great piece of work, it lacked the complex storyline and emotional depth of Will Smith’s movie, ‘Concussion.’ Will Smith took on the role of Dr. Bennet Omalu, a Nigerian pathologist who discovered a degenerative brain disease known as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE) in retired NFL players. His performance was incredible, portraying the emotions and complexities of a man who had to fight against the NFL and the medical establishment to bring his remarkable discovery to the world. Will Smith’s performance was so powerful that it became the highlight of the movie.

In contrast, Chris Rock’s acting in ‘Top Five’ was not as profound as Will Smith’s. Although Chris Rock was fantastic in his role, it was not powerful enough to earn him an Oscar award. In fact, his acting was seen as less intense than Will Smith’s in ‘Concussion.’ It is also essential to note that Chris Rock was up against some of the best actors in the industry when he was nominated for Best Actor. These actors included Eddie Redmayne, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Michael Fassbender, who all had outstanding performances that year.

The second reason why Will Smith emerged victorious at the Oscar awards was that he had the backing of a strong script. A good script can make all the difference in a movie, and ‘Concussion’ had just that. The film’s writer, Peter Landesman, wrote the script with a perfect balance of drama, suspense, and emotion. It was not just a movie about football but also about the corruption and conspiracy in the medical world. The script provided a platform for Will Smith to shine, and he delivered exceptionally.

On the other hand, Chris Rock’s ‘Top Five’ lacked the same emotional depth and complexity as ‘Concussion.’ The movie was a romantic comedy that followed a fading comedian as he tried to reinvent himself. While Chris Rock’s acting was excellent, the script was not intense enough to make him stand out. It was a fun movie, but it did not have the substance that the Academy looks for in nominees for Best Actor.

Another crucial factor that led to Will Smith’s win was his publicity strategy. Will Smith was relentless in his promotion of ‘Concussion.’ He made appearances on all major talk shows, gave interviews, and used his social media platforms to promote the movie. He was very vocal about the message and importance of the movie, which was to raise awareness on the dangers of football head injuries. Will Smith was the face of ‘Concussion,’ and he carried the message with utmost courage and passion.

In contrast, Chris Rock did not do much promotion for ‘Top Five.’ He did interviews and made appearances on talk shows to promote the movie, but it was much less intense than Will Smith’s efforts. Chris Rock released the movie, expecting it to do well, but it did not receive the same hype that ‘Concussion’ did.

Finally, it is essential to note that the Oscars are subjective, and it is not always necessary that the best performance will win. Sometimes, other factors such as politics, personal relationships, and biases can influence the outcome of the awards. This does not mean that the actors do not deserve the awards, but rather, it is an acknowledgment of the fact that the Oscars is not always a fair game.

In conclusion, Will Smith beat Chris Rock to the Oscars last year due to several reasons. He had the backing of a strong script, promoted the movie with passion and vigor, and delivered an outstanding performance that was both intense and emotional. Chris Rock, on the other hand, had a good performance, but it was not powerful enough to stand out against Will Smith’s powerful portrayal of Dr. Bennet Omalu. Will Smith was a deserving winner, but it is essential to remember that awards are subjective, and the Oscars is not always a fair game.