You season 4 is one of the most highly anticipated television series of the year, and fans of the show were buzzing with excitement when it was announced that the show would be returning with a plot twist in part two. The unexpected twist left fans scratching their heads, wondering why the showrunner decided to take this route.

To help fans gain a better understanding of the decision to include the plot twist, the showrunner has come forward to explain the reasoning behind the decision.

Before delving into the plot twist, it’s important first to recap on what happened in part two. In this season, audiences see Joe and Love move to a new town, where they try to start anew and escape their past. However, as the plot thickens, they are forced to confront their demons when people from their past resurface. Eventually, the season ends with a surprising plot twist.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Sera Gamble shared that the decision to add a plot twist came about as they were developing the storylines for part two. She explained that the show follows an interesting trajectory, where each new season explores the psyche of Joe Goldberg, the lead character.

She further explained that as they were developing the storyline, they found that they had a lot to unpack and that there was so much that they could do with the character. They wanted to push boundaries and challenge the audience, something that is in line with the show’s original concept.

The decision to include a plot twist was partly motivated by that desire to push boundaries, but it was also a way to keep things fresh and exciting. The showrunner revealed that they did not want to create a carbon copy of the previous three seasons but wanted to create something that would stand out and surprise the audience. She said that the show’s ethos is always to challenge the audience and have them question what they knew about the characters.

The show maintained its formula of having characters with complicated backstories, intense drama, and a dose of black humor. Still, they introduced a new dimension to the show, which, according to the showrunner, will help the series maintain its popularity and longevity. In other words, the plot twist was introduced as a way to keep things fresh and exciting and to give audiences more of what they love about the show.

Some fans may have been disappointed with the plot twist as it challenges their understanding of Joe and Love’s relationship. However, the showrunner maintains it was imperative to include the plot twist to add a new layer of complexity to Joe’s character. Joe has always been central to the show, and the plot twist was a way to develop his character further, show another side of him, and keep audiences wanting more.

The showrunner explained that the plot twist was never intended to be divisive, but rather to encourage debate and discourse around the series. The storyline has left many audiences asking questions and trying to understand the ramifications of the twist, which is exactly what the showrunner hoped to achieve.

In conclusion, the decision to include a plot twist in part two of You season 4 was motivated by a desire to push boundaries, challenge the audience, and keep things fresh and exciting. It was also an opportunity to develop Joe’s character further and make the series more layered and complex.

While some fans may have been disappointed or taken aback by the plot twist, the showrunner maintains that it was never intended to be divisive. Instead, it was a way to encourage debate and discourse around the show, which is what makes it so compelling.

We can only wait to see where the show takes us next and hope that it will continue to surprise, challenge and engage audiences in the future.